comments = I feel very happy I found Miss Judy Music! She is a wonderful teacher who takes
the time needed to teach me how to play Piano.  I am an Older Adult student.  I found it
amazing that YES, you can teach an old Dog new tricks!  Namely myself.
The time goes by quickly and the lessons are superb.
Thank You Miss Judy for welcoming me to your studio. Timothy

comments = I have been taking my daughter to Ms. Judy for almost a year now and have been
amazed to watch her grow musically! The way she keeps the students interested with current
songs and fun learning techniques is so great! WE LOVE MS. JUDY

comments = I would like to say that my son Kasen has been learning how to play the piano for
the last 18months and Ms. Judy has been a wonderful teacher! He loves learning how to play!

comments = My 11 year old son has been getting lessons from Miss Judy going on 4 years
now. He absolutely loves it. We finally bought him a piano to practice on at home. She really is
great with him!

comments = Our boys really enjoyed learning to play the piano with Judy.  They are young
men and still play the piano.

comments = Alyvia (8yrs old) said I like everything, there is not one little thing I don't like!
Miss Judy and Alyvia have created a special bond like no other coach, teacher or mentor Alyvia
knows. Alyvia has a passion for music, the piano and all instruments. Thank you miss Judy, you
are the best!

COMMENTS = I have truly enjoyed taking piano lessons from Miss Judy for the past two years.  
I do not have any musical talents I can assure you.  Now that I'm retired, I finally decided to try
piano using the chord method in my left hand which I find quite easy.  I am now able to play
about a hundred songs using just the melody notes or adding other notes of the chord to create
a fuller sound.  I presently only have a keyboard at home but am amazed at the melodies I can
get out of it!  Most of all, it's fun!
Claire Radcliffe May12,2017

COMMENTS= I am really enjoying my lessons with Judy. She gives me a variety of songs to
practice so it is not to challenging for a beginner or to boring for a 30 yr old It has been fun and
I never should have quit lessons when I was younger. I get to play fun modern songs like ABC
and Stand By Me.  I am also working on Fur Elise by Beethoven. She teaches chords and music
theory so you can build on what your learning. Thanks Judy!  Noami
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